See what our students are saying about their training experiences with us.

This CHL class is a fantastic value - you get the class, including lunch and your fingerprints. Linda and Marty make the class entertaining and fun. I learned a lot of valuable information, and would highly recommend the class for anyone interested in getting their CHL.
— Judi W. (Yelp Reviewer)
Best place to get your CHL, bar none!!! Linda, Marty, and company will teach you what you need to know and keep it fun and interesting. It’s a one stop shop for you CHL.
— Todd K. (Facebook)
Very good instructors great class lots of info covered on gun safety and legal responsibilities and laws. Class exceeded my expectations very course good and structure well good safety practices on gun range I recommend Crossfire CHL training classes.
— John G. (BBB Reviewer)
These people are fantastic!
Linda Watson and Marty Groves and their support team are wonderful trainers.
Linda gives the classroom training. The material is relevant, not boring. Linda’s delivery is spot on, with just the right amount of humor to keep the class light and interesting but keeping in mind the serious nature of getting a CHL. She delivers all of the information you need to pass the written exam. She uses printed material, short videos and graphics to deliver the knowledge one needs to acquire the CHL.
Fingerprinting is done during the class - very convenient. The training fee includes all printed materials, markers, pens, snacks and lunch.
Marty Groves handles the range qualifications. Marty is a very knowledgeable and attentive Range Safety Officer. He ensures that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on the range. There are extra RSOs present to assist anyone that needs guidance with one’s firearm during the shooting qualifications.
The shooting qualification takes about 30 minutes. You need 50 rounds of ammunition. Marty has rental pistols available and the rental includes the ammunition.
When you leave the range, you will have all documentation in hand needed to mail the Texas DPS for the CHL.
Overall, this was a great experience!
Linda and Marty also offer a Basic Handgun class. This class is for people who do not have experience with handguns but want to learn. In the class you are given basic instruction on types of handguns and elementary use. You will have the opportunity to handle and examine many different types and sizes of handguns. You will also get to go to the shooting range and try out all of the different handguns. This allows you to get a feel for what type of handgun you might like to own. You will be taught basic shooting stances and how to shoot a handgun. I took this class before taking the CHL class and found it very instructive.
Sign on with these people! You won’t regret it.
— Alouitious (Angie's List Review)
This group puts all others to shame! I checked around a number of places before taking classes with Crossfire. From offering a great “all around” handgun class and coaching on the range, to everything you need for your CHL, these folks are the real deal. Friendly, knowledgeable, and put the customer first! You can’t go wrong with Crossfire!
— Argyle Mom (BBB Reviewer)
These are some great folks if you are interested in learning SAFE handgun practices and even getting your CHL! Blessed to know them!
— Mike H. (Facebook)
"...take this class. They are amazing!!! I wouldn't recommend anyone else."

Lisa G. (Facebook)